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"The Freedom Climber has been popular at our gym since it was installed this year, particularly among new climbers.  New climbers seem to gravitate toward it and like to demonstrate to their friends how it is used.  Because it is easy to operate and can be used without a partner, I think it gives new climbers confidence and makes them feel like there is something in the gym that they can master."

Megan Donnelly - Rutgers University

An innovative, rotating,
non-motorized, climbing wall

Providing a whole body workout in a safe, harness-free environment

Now installed in over 16 countries around the world; in facilities varying from fitness centers to military bases to private residences to corporate offices to universities and schools.
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"I am really impressed with the apparent quality of this piece of equipment.  Easy maintenance and cleaning is definitely appreciated.  The students are intrigued at this point as many have never seen anything like this.  The ones that are into climbing are almost obsessed with it.  Even with the most experienced climbers, this is a challenge both in skill and endurance.  We may seriously be looking at a second Freedom Climber in the near future.

Thank you Terry for all your help!!!"

Suzann Hensley - Assistant Director, Tennessee Tech University Campus Recreation


  • designed  to provide  continuous  climbing  in  as  small a  space  as possible

  • extends  out  from  the  wall  just  8  inches  and  fits  in  a  room  with  8  foot ceilings

  • the Freedom Climber makes it easy to add climbing to your member's fitness experiences

  • being  non-motorized  it uses the  action  of  climbing  to  cause  the  rotation

  • the  Freedom  Climber rotates  quietly  either  clockwise  or  counter-clockwise

  • turn  a  knob and the  speed  of  the rotation  varies from slow to fast

  • used  by  fitness  enthusiasts  around  the  world

  • installed  on  military  bases, in  fitness  centers,  at  universities,  in  corporate  wellness  rooms,

             in  apartment  complex  fitness rooms, in  homes,  in  schools,  in  youth  zones, 

             and  even  in a  hypobaric  chamber

"The Freedom Climber was installed at the Brandywine YMCA in August 2011.  I have nothing but wonderful things to say about it.  Adults and children alike love to use it.  It is a challenging skill to learn and a great workout.  It has been a hassle free piece of equipment which we really appreciate.  They did a professional job with the install as well as the training for our staff.
As a Wellness Professional,  I would highly recommend the Freedom Climber"

Laura Schofield-Pierce - Senior Health and Wellness Director,  YMCA of Delaware, Brandywine Branch